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Moet Bottle Prop

Moet Bottle Prop

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Our "Moët Bottle" Prop Sign will make your celebrations more special!

Symbol of luxury and refinement that adds a touch of sophistication to your events. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this prop sign embodies the spirit of indulgence and festivity.


  • Expressive Message: The "Moët Bottle" prop sign features an intricately designed representation of a champagne bottle, making a bold statement about the upscale and celebratory nature of your occasion. Whether it's a wedding, anniversary, or any special event, this prop sign signifies a toast to success and memorable moments.
  • High-Quality Material: Meticulously crafted from durable 3mm PVC, the "Moët Bottle" prop sign is not just a decoration; it's a symbol of opulence and class. Its robust construction ensures it stands out in the spotlight, reflecting the premium quality associated with the iconic Moët & Chandon brand.


  • Size: With dimensions of 6 inches in width and 18 inches in length, the "Moët Bottle" prop sign commands attention, becoming a focal point in your photos and displays. Capture the essence of luxury and celebration in every frame.

Whether you're commemorating a milestone or simply reveling in the joy of the moment, the "Moët Bottle" prop sign is your key to elevating the ambiance of any event. Order yours today and infuse your gatherings with the timeless allure of Moët & Chandon.

Unveil the epitome of celebration with the "Moët Bottle" prop sign. Elevate your events to unparalleled levels of sophistication and make every moment a toast to success. Order now and let the effervescence of Moët & Chandon be the highlight of your next celebration.

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Great prop and my clients love it!